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Hawthorn Sporting Available Shoot Dates for 2020/21

We would like to thank all our customers for their support this year and in previous years. These are a list of available dates for 150-250 bird days of Partridges and Pheasants. For full teams of 8-10 guns.

Monday 21st SeptemberPartridges
Tuesday 29th SeptemberPartridges
Saturday 3rd OctoberPartridges
Monday 5th OctoberPartridges
Monday 12th OctoberPartridges
Wednesday 14th OctoberPartridges. 4 guns available on 150 bird day
Monday 19th OctoberPartridges and Pheasant
Tuesday 20th OctoberPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 21st OctoberPartridges and Pheasant
Monday 2nd NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 4th November Partridges and Pheasant
Thursday 5th NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Friday 6th NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Saturday 7th NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Saturday 21st NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 25th NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Monday 30th NovemberPartridges and Pheasant
Tuesday 1st DecemberPartridges and Pheasant
Monday 7th DecemberPartridges and Pheasant
Monday 21st DecemberPartridges and Pheasant
Tuesday 22nd DecemberPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 23rd DecemberPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 13th JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant
Thursday 14th JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant
Saturday 16th JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant
Wednesday 20th JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant
Friday 22nd JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant
Saturday 23rd JanuaryPartridges and Pheasant

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Tel: 01750 82278

Mobile: 07803 956 219


Kershope Farm


Scottish Borders



The Shoot is located about 1 hour from Edinburgh and about 2 hours from Newcastle.

We are on the A708 between Selkirk and Moffat.

The nearest railway station is in Galashiels, and if you want to come in by air then Edinburgh or Newcastle offer airports.

Hawthorn Sporting

Bowhill Country Estate has been owned by the Buccleuch family for more than seven centuries and has been a successful sporting estate for many years.  We have leased the Bowhill Shoot from the Duke of Buccleuch and have been running it as a private shoot since April 2012.

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